Sunday, February 21, 2016

Top 10 Lead Free & Cadmium Free Dishes & Coffee cups!

Top 10 Lead Free & Cadmium Free  Dishes & Coffee cup Brands!
Time to do spring cleaning and look through your coffee mugs and plates. *See tips below*
1.  Homer Laughlin China Company USA lead & Cadmium free
Coffee cups and more about $15.00 a mug    $19-$24 range
Stay healthy & drink out of safe cups.

2. Hartstone Pottery - USA plates, cups and more!!
                                          AA  Tea & coffee breaks should be easy so pick one from the list.
3. Denby China USA   lead & Cadmium free  Denby & Homer at Sears
A great news article about lead in your dishes & they rate these pottery coffee cup brands top 3
lead free in USA.

4. The Mug Revolution -- USA lead & Cadmium free CERTIFIIED  5 stars *****
Great looking.

5. Terra Keramik  Switzerland  zero lead & cadmium 5 stars *****
Research says Germany is probably the only country that can produce led free glass :) & Terra imports their clay & platinum from Germany. 
Gift set deals :)

6. ForLife French  only $20 for a big mug and stainless steel tea strainer and lid
lead & Cadmium free
ForLife French big mug at Amazon link
                     We love pretty china but now we just have to enjoy them here & not on dishes.
7. Pillivuyt Eden Coffee mug Lead Free
about $30.00 a mug
Pillivuyt Eden Coffee Mug Amazon
Apilco Pottery  lead free  set of 4 cups & saucers $80

8. Halsa  coffee mugs & dishes
lead free
Halsa-Dinnerware-Lead-Free-Satisfaction Amazon

9. Emerson Creek Pottery USA follows green practices & non toxic
Unglazed Bread Cloche for amazing bread. Make gluten free :) See our other blogs for gluten free.

10. HF Coors USA  non toxic dishes & cups  set of 4 11 oz mugs $40.00 approx.

 11. Denby China USA   lead & Cadmium free

Bembeco Pottery Italian
Italian Lead & Cadmium free about $10.00 a mug and 15% off for new customers
Bembeco Lead free & 15% off
 Sengware USA made in China 100% lead and cadmium free went out of business but check Ebay or yard sales.

Old dishes, pre war, antique & vintage dishes. Flea market dishes. Good tip link

Pretty Pottery vintage. It's up to you to collect,display or dare to use.

High risks china plate tips to help pick out nontoxic dishes & get rid of toxic dishes:"
- Terra cotta pottery from Latin America, especially more rustic items with a transparent glaze
- Highly decorated Asian dishware
- Dishware with food contact surfaces containing bright colored decorations
- Glazed pieces with rough, raised or worn decorations, indicating that the decoration is on top of the glaze
- Antique dishware or dishware made before 1970
- Leaded crystal glassware should not be used by children or pregnant women, and food or liquids, including wine, should never be stored in lead crystal.
Rule of thumb:
void dinnerware from Asia, Mexico, and Central America.
 Corelle, Anchor Hocking, and Pyrex, not decorated are something that you must decide for yourself with research??? 
Not all whites are safe because the transparent glaze may contain lead."
"Pfaltzgraff, whichuntil recently was made in the USA and now is manufactured elsewhere, does contain lead and that their Villa Della Luna ware and Nautica J Class have been recalled. And :( Emile Henry- France customers say their dishes tested for lead."
Read the article link above for good info & lead & cadmium in jewelry.
Please see our famous 10 easy steps to loose weight. Which includes natural detox the body herbs, oils & good organic food tips. Success.
A article on toxins in the body & how to get rid of them..
No claims made. No cures. Please verify all research as recalls happen all the time.

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